How to Find the Best Residential Heating in Reno

When people think of Nevada, they often conjure up images of casinos and very hot weather. Certain parts of the state, though, endure cold temperatures that make it imperative for homeowners to rely on Residential Heating in Reno. This guide will help customers find the right contractor.

Pick the Right Furnace

Homeowners want to pick a system that is not only right for them but efficient as well. They need to select a furnace that will keep them warm but not break the budget. Certain furnaces operate using oil, natural gas, or electricity to supply heat. A benefit for users is that today’s high-efficiency furnaces consume at least 30% less fuel than older units.

Consider a Heat Pump

When looking for options in Residential Heating in Reno, some customers are choosing heat pumps. These work in tandem with the furnace to circulate the air that has been heated back throughout the entire home. This is a relatively new technology and also has the ability to work in reverse by pulling warm air out of the building. Heat pumps can be a very energy-efficient form of both heating and cooling, but they must be sized, installed, and utilized properly.

Hire The Right Contractor

When looking for a new heating system, homeowners should hire a contractor that has installed all types of systems. Customers should also deal with experienced technicians who have worked with a wide variety of manufacturers and models. This will assure that the right heater or furnace is selected for their home. Getting the right sized unit can save customers enormous amounts of money both now and in the future.

Deal With a Local Leader

For over 30 years, customers in Reno have come to trust Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling. Clients know they can get free estimates on replacements and new installations, and they have peace of mind knowing that all pricing is upfront and there will never be any hidden costs. Customers can also rely on Paschall Plumbing’s 24-hour team that is ready to help them out during any plumbing emergency that may occur, ranging from small leaks to major problems.

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