The Importance Of Hiring Professionals For Atlanta HVAC Work

There are some specific maintenance tasks required for a furnace and an air conditioner to run effectively and without problems. These simple tasks, including filter changes and cleaning the areas around the units, can be easily managed by an Atlanta homeowner.

For other issues, problems, strange noises or performance issues, calling in an HVAC professional is always the best decision. There are several reasons why a professional in the best option and they start with the all-important factor of personal safety.

Personal Safety

Electrical power can be a significant safety issue if people are not sure of what they are doing. For gas furnaces, gas leaks can be a significant risk. By hiring a professional, all electric repairs and checks of fuel valves, shutoffs and systems will be thoroughly checked as part of the service call, if required.

Expertise and Training

A certified HVAC technician has completed the required training and has also completed work with master level technicians to fully understand HVAC systems. They can pinpoint the problem and make the required repairs, including any related repairs which may be required.

It is very common for a do-it-yourself repair to miss replacing a worn or damaged component. This usually results in another system failure and often a higher cost repair to address additional damage to the system.

Warranty Issues

All new furnaces, heat pump, air conditioners and related systems are sold with a warranty. These warranties will stipulate all repairs must be completed by a certified technician working for a licensed service repair company.

Failing to follow this requirement will automatically void the warranty, regardless of the cost of the system failure. By calling in a professional, licensed service company, the Atlanta homeowner has the peace of mind of knowing the repair is safe, complete, and falls within warranty requirements.

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