Common Issues That Require Professional Residential Air Conditioning Repair in Austin, TX

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The air conditioner is one of the most common appliances used throughout the country. Air conditioners come in a variety of different sizes and types, but they are all designed to keep the temperature cool within a confined room or area. However, from time to time, you will also need to get residential air conditioning repair work done. Air conditioning repair is offered by any local HVAC contractor that repairs heating and ventilation appliances. They also offer commercial air conditioning repair. You can look for a repair contractor close to your house, or you can search for one nearby your place of work. Here are some common issues that indicate the need for professional repair work.

A Gas Leak

Refrigerant gas is used in all kinds of air conditioners in order to cool the air before it is blown through the vents. If there’s a gas leak, the air conditioner will stop cooling altogether. You can call a local company like J & S Air to check the air conditioner and repair the problem for you. Finding out where the leak is occurring is the most difficult part, so both the inner and outer units are checked. You can call the technician for residential air conditioning repair if the conditioner is no longer cooling the air as it’s supposed to.

Electrical Malfunction

Another common issue that indicates the need for professional residential air conditioning repair in Austin, TX is an electrical malfunction. If the inner circuitry malfunctions, you are going to see an error code come up on the air conditioner. Tampering with the circuitry is not a good idea, so it’s recommended that you call an electrician to fix the issue for you. These experts will probably take the electrical board back to their shop for repairs and bring it back within a day or two.