When A Homeowner Should Call An HVAC Technician In Peoria AZ

New HVAC systems are composed of hundreds of technologically advanced parts, but ignoring issues or attempting to fix a broken heating and cooling system without the proper knowledge will likely lead to further problems and more expensive repair costs. An HVAC Technician in Peoria AZ is a trained professional that has access to the parts and tools needed to remedy most problems in as little as a few hours. The following is a look just three of the many issues that warrant the expertise of a professional.

No Air Movement During Operation

HVAC systems utilize an internal air handling unit which uses a motor driven fan to move air over the treatment coils and disperse it through a home’s ductwork system. If the fan unit stops responding or produces little to no air while running, it is crucial to contact a repair specialist. A technician will use advanced diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue and determine what parts require repair or replacement to restore normal operation.

Untreated Air

As the air is treated and sent through the ductwork of a home, it will either be warm or cold, depending on which setting is currently selected. If the temperature of the air coming from the system’s air vents is not noticeably different, it could be an issue with the system’s compressor unit or the heating coil. An HVAC Technician in Peoria AZ will be able to determine what is preventing the air from being treated and create a repair plan that will have the unit running reliably in no time.

Unusual Mechanical Noises During Operation

All heating and cooling systems produce noise while running, but most sounds are minimal and are typically masked by the sound of air as it passes through ductwork. When a homeowner notices loud screeching or grinding noises, it is usually a symptom that stems from a faulty bearing or worn electrical capacitor. Diagnosing the cause of unusual sounds is easy, but replacing the parts requires the use of specialized tools.

Ignoring issues with an HVAC system will only lead to additional problems and may cause a system to become inoperable. The team at Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating provide service for any make or model equipment and offer a warranty on all of the parts and labor they provide. Call today to learn more and restore operation of an HVAC system promptly. For more details, visit our Google+ page.

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