Water Heater Repairs in Kitsap County – Common Problems and Fixes

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A water heater is found in almost every house around the country. It’s a common appliance that is used most often during winter, when the temperature of water moving through the pipes can be freezing cold. The cold water can be unbearable for most people, especially when the weather is cold, so having a functioning water heater is essential. However, most people do not know how to maintain their water heater properly. It doesn’t take long for problems to arise within the water heater due to improper maintenance. Water heater repairs might be needed from time to time to keep the heater running smoothly. Here are some common water heater repairs and problems that you should know about.

Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat is the most important component within the water heater. If the thermostat sensor fails, it is possible that the water will keep on boiling even once it becomes hot. The thermostat relays a signal that cuts off the flame or reduces the temperature of the electrical coil heating up the water once it reaches the desired temperature. Most boilers have a failsafe that stops them from working if the thermostat fails. You should contact a reputable company such as Quality Heating & Air Conditioning in order to replace the thermostat if you notice that your water heater is not working properly.

Servicing the Heater

A considerable number of water heater repairs in Kitsap County are a result of a lack of maintenance and servicing. You need to call a professional for servicing the water heater at least once a year to keep it running smoothly. Removing all the dirt and grime from the joints and the valves is important to keeping your system running smoothly. Servicing also includes cleaning out the burner and checking the quality of the flame. You should be sure to have your water heater serviced this season to keep it running smoothly. View website for more info.