The Importance of Having Access to Emergency Commercial Heating System Repair in El Dorado Hills CA

When the heating equipment at any type of business malfunctions, it’s essential for the organization to have the option for emergency service. Commercial Heating System Repair in El Dorado Hills CA does not only become necessary during regular business hours.


Retail stores, manufacturing plants and medical facilities are just a few examples of establishments that are open on nights and weekends. Restaurants treating customers to a fine meal on a chilly evening cannot have the heat off for any length of time. Nursing homes must be able to keep their residents warm no matter how cold it gets outside. A myriad of organizations rely on the option for emergency service no matter when the problem develops.

Complex Projects

Not all heating technicians work on commercial systems. Commercial Heating System Repair in El Dorado Hills CA and maintenance of this equipment can be substantially more complex than projects involving residential systems. The heating system may have been in place for much longer than a residential furnace normally would be. Flushing and chemical cleaning of the equipment may be necessary.

One main difference is the sheer size of the heating system in many commercial buildings compared with single-family homes. The establishments may have boilers instead of furnaces, providing radiant heat throughout a large building or even a campus of buildings.

Preventive Maintenance

Technicians from a company such as Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning provide repair service for equipment in commercial and residential structures. They also perform routine maintenance that may prevent the need for repair service. Commercial systems need that maintenance just as much as residential furnaces do.

Cleaning and adjustments, as well as replacement of worn parts, prevents breakdowns and keeps the system running as efficiently as possible. In a commercial establishment, energy costs can be a significant part of the annual budget. A certain level of efficiency may be imperative for staying within those budgetary restrictions. Small and new businesses in particular are affected by this concern. They need to maintain an optimum temperature range for employees and customers, but they cannot feel like a great deal of money is being wasted. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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