Duct Cleaning In Mount Vernon WA Will Improve The Indoor Air Quality

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Maintenance

Dust, bacteria, viruses, animal dander, dirt and other items can become lodged in the ductwork of a home. Every time the furnace or air conditioner is operating, various particles can become airborne and travel through a home. An air filter in a furnace or air conditioner can reduce some of these pollutants, it won’t be able to eliminate all of them.

When the ductwork in a home is kept clean, it will improve the efficiency of a heating or cooling unit, and provide improved indoor air quality. Duct Cleaning in Mount Vernon WA can reduce illnesses by removing the bacteria and viruses that are lurking in the ventilation system. Whether a home or new or old, if the ductwork has been cleaned, the inside of a home become a breeding ground for illness and breathing problems.

Animal Dander

Animal dander is so fine that it’s difficult to catch in a regular air filter. Even if an owner doesn’t currently own a pet, any pets that previously lived in a home released dander into the ventilation system. Anyone that enters the home who has an allergy to a dog or cat, will suffer from allergy symptoms if the air conditioning or furnace is operating.

How Can A Technician Remove All Of The Dust?

An HVAC company who performs Duct Cleaning in Mount Vernon WA will send a trained technician and a large vacuum truck. The technician will cut a small hole in the cold air return in the basement and connect a large hose the comes from the vacuum truck. They will cover the registers and begin blowing air into the registers and returns to begin moving the debris. In addition, they will use a series of brushes to loosen any debris that sticks to the walls of the ductwork.

Even if you live in a new home, there’s a very good chance there’s sawdust, drywall dust, and other pieces of debris in the ductwork. Older homes could have years of dirt from every occupant that’s lived in the home. In either situation, the ductwork should be inspected and cleaned. For more information about improving the indoor air quality of your home, please visit.



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