Things to Check Before You Get Professional HVAC Repair

by | Dec 19, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Ask any HVAC repair expert about the steps a customer could have taken before requesting a service call, and you’ll hear a lot of common issues. Some are almost embarrassing they are so simple and silly, and others are clearly steps that a homeowner may not have known about but could have benefited from before making the call. To help you save time and money, we offer a list of several important things to check before you reach for the phone and call your HVAC specialist.

Most Common Mistakes

Some of the most common misunderstandings that cause home or property owners to pick up the phone and request HVAC repair also lead to them paying for nothing more than a service provider to drive to their home and explain the issue. Just consider:

  • Power outages – Many people get upset that the HVAC system is not working in one way or another and phone for service only to learn that there is no power in the house or neighborhood. And they might still have to pay for that service visit!
  • Utilities issue – In addition to power outages, some home and property owners in the Jacksonville area make the mistake of calling for a repair because the system is not operating. Yet, they forget that they may have needed the gas meter to be turned on or gas to be delivered. This is an easy mistake to make in a warmer area where heating is not often used and gas supplies may dwindle without a homeowner realizing it.
  • Batteries in the thermostat – Many times, a call is made for HVAC repair when something as simple as a dead battery in the thermostat is to blame. The same can be said of a tripped circuit. So, the first step before reaching for the phone might be to ensure the thermostat battery or a popped circuit is not the cause of the problem.
  • Power switch – Similar to the issue above is the accidental switching off of a power switch, such as an indoor switch for a central HVAC unit. Kids playing ball in garage spaces or owners doing odd jobs can inadvertently switch off the units and this forces them to assume there is a problem.

It can be easy to make the mistake of thinking something is wrong. Take these tips before calling for AC service in Jacksonville. When you do find there is an issue AirMcCall offers repair, service, replacement and duct cleanings to help ensure your HVAC system is fully operational. Book service by phoning (904) 288-6110 or by using our online contact page.