Three Things To Ask Before Choosing Air Conditioner Replacement

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Most HVAC service companies are highly reputable professionals with their customers’ best interests at heart. By working with a top HVAC company that is trusted, consumers have the confidence to know that a recommendation for an air conditioner replacement over repair is being done for the right reasons.

However, sometimes you are working with an HVAC service you don’t know. Perhaps you have just moved into an area or have never had a problem with your air conditioner in the past. You may also have called several companies and found one that could send a technician immediately, so that is the company you selected.

Regardless of how you chose the HVAC company, if the technician is recommending an air conditioner replacement over repair, there are at least three questions you need to ask before making a decision.

1. Ask to see the damaged component.

A quality repair service will always provide information to their customers about why the replacement is being recommended. This will typically include showing you the failed parts and components and talking about the age of the system.

Less reputable companies will be vague in their answers and will not take the time to walk you through why the recommendation is being made.

2. Ask about the cost of repair.

It is worth the time to ask for an estimate of the repair, even if the technician is recommending a full air conditioner replacement. Less reputable companies will try to just provide generalized information about the cost of repair often due to an incentive to sell new systems.

3. Ask about the overall condition of the system.

In addition to the price of the repair, ask about the condition of the rest of the system. This is particularly important with newer systems that may still be efficient and effective in their cooling ability.

Once you have all the information and understand if the rest of the system is in good shape or has potential repair issues, it is easier to make an informed decision whether to repair or replace.