Reasons to Seek Water Heater Repairs in Kitsap County

Having a water heater go out at night will often result in waking up to a cold shower the next morning. If your water heater isn’t working, you should contact a plumber to have it examined before deciding to replace it. Some water heater problems are easy and inexpensive to repair, so you don’t always need to consider a replacement for your water heater tank.

Pilot Light Goes Out

One of the most common problems with traditional hot water tanks is the pilot light going out. If you’ve tried relighting it and it still won’t stay lit, you should call for professional water heater repairs in Kitsap County. Often the problem is a bad thermocouple or a missing shield that keeps drafts from blowing out the flame.

Bad Smell

Sometimes the water from a hot water tank smells like rotten eggs. This problem usually occurs when anaerobic bacteria that exists in some water reacts with the magnesium and aluminum sacrificial anodes in the tank and mixes with sulfur.

This creates hydrogen sulfuric gas, which is the source of the rotten egg smell. While there are some home remedies for this problem, they are temporary. A plumbing company that specializes in water heater repairs can provide a permanent, inexpensive solution to resolve the issue.

Replacing the Water Heater

There are times when the only solution is to replace the hot water tank. If it is between 10 and 15 years old or the pressure valve has blown, then it’s time to replace the tank with a new one or a tankless water heater. The cost of replacing a hot water tank can be much more than the price tag on the tank, so first consider professional water heater repairs. Companies like Quality Heating & Air Conditioning both repair and sell water heater systems.

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