Understanding the Process of Air Conditioning System Replacement in El Dorado Hills, CA

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Much like any other area of the country, El Dorado Hills, California homes and businesses will rely a great deal on air conditioning systems. However, whether it’s due to neglect, age or damage, there are times where an existing air conditioner is past the point of repairs. In these instances, Air Conditioning System Replacement in El Dorado Hills CA will be necessary.

The Initial Expense

Replacing an existing air conditioner is going to be an expensive proposition. Depending on the size of the air conditioning unit or the need for multiple units, the cost for this type of service is going to be quite high initially.

The Time-Frame for a New Unit Installation

It’s important to consider the time that it will take to remove an existing air conditioner and replace it with a new unit. In some cases, this can be rather simple, but in other situations, it may take a bit longer. Ideally, an old system will simply be removed and a new system will be put in its place.

The Challenges of Installing a New System

There are times where a new system requires retrofitting, especially with air handler units. There are also issues with electrical needs. An older air conditioner may not have required as much power or specialized wiring as a new unit might, so a wiring upgrade may be required. This can take more time and add to the cost of Air Conditioning System Replacement in El Dorado Hills CA.

There are also issues regarding supply lines from the compressor unit to the air handler. These lines include coolant supply and return lines. If the existing lines are in good shape and provide enough coolant, they may not have to be changed. However, in most cases new supply and return lines will also need to be installed.

It’s easy to see why replacing an old air conditioner with a new one can be quite extensive, especially with a centralized unit. That’s why, if your HVAC system is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, speaking with the experts at Golden Aire Heating & Air Conditioning can give you a good idea in terms of how long this project will take and how much it’s going to cost you. You can also visit them on Facebook.