The Signs You Need Industrial Air Conditioning Unit Repair in McLean, VA

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An industrial air conditioner goes through more stress than your average air conditioning unit. Industrial air conditioning units, especially ones used in warehouse applications, are under incredible amounts of duress. That’s because of the particulars of industrial applications. In a typical air conditioning setting, the air conditioner needs to condition the air because it is warm outside. The hot outside air gets into your house and also warms up the walls, which transfers heat into the house.

You need to condition the air with a device that fights the amount of passive heat seeping into your home or business. However, an industrial air conditioner has a much more stressful job. Industrial air conditioners need to cool down the ambient air but they also need to counteract the heating effect of machines. The machines running in an industrial capacity put out incredible amounts of heat that can raise the temperature inside the room. Because of the increased amount of stress, industrial air conditioning unit repair is sometimes necessary.

Freezing up

The air conditioning unit cools down the air by cooling a refrigerant through expansion. If you put your air conditioner through too much stress, it can cause the unit to actually freeze up some of the moving parts. If your air conditioning unit keeps freezing up, you need industrial air conditioning unit repair in McLean, VA.

You can browse us to see what kind of options you have. There are many reasons why your air conditioning unit might be repeatedly freezing.

Not Cooling

You might need industrial air conditioning unit repair if your system is not cooling properly. The refrigerant needs to be compressed and then expanded to cool down your system. If that’s not happening, it could require repair. Only a professional can tell you why exactly your system is not cooling and what to do about it.