Mistakes To Avoid When Buying HVAC Equipment

One thing that everyone living in Atlanta, GA knows is that it is critical to have a top air conditioner and furnace or heat pump to get you through the seasonal weather changes.

Having the correct HVAC equipment can be a complicated issue, particularly during home renovations, replacing current systems or even for a new home construction. Understanding how to avoid common mistakes or pitfalls that homeowners make when choosing heating and air conditioning systems can assist in getting the ideal system for any home and even staying within a budget.

Don’t Buy on Price Alone

Finding heating and air conditioning systems on sale is a great way to replace existing or to purchase new HVAC equipment. Buying a quality, brand name system from a manufacturer with a solid reputation for quality is important and, if it is on sale, that is even better.

Buying an unknown or low-quality brand for a cheap price is not a bargain. These systems will result in poor performance and low efficiency as well as the potential of very high repair and maintenance costs.

Downsizing the System

It is critical to choose an HVAC system based on the square footage of the home or building. Buying a system that is too small requires the air conditioner or furnace to work constantly, increasing energy consumption while decreasing the life of the equipment.

On the other hand, buying a system that is too large for any home in Atlanta, GA is also going to decrease energy efficiency. In these cases, the increase in energy required to operate the larger unit will not result in net cost savings. These large systems will also cycle on and off continually, which can be very hard on the components in the system, leading to an increase in repairs over the life of the unit.

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