Heating Contractors in Binghamton NY Can Protect the Furnace From Furry Felines

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many people consider themselves cat lovers, but few realize that the litter box can cause serious issues with indoor air quality and the home’s heating system. The dust from cat litter can accumulate on the furnace’s burners and flame sensor, causing the unit to run inefficiently or not at all. In this guide, cat owners will learn how Heating Contractors in Binghamton NY can prevent pet-related furnace damage.

What is the Flame Sensor, and What Does it Do?

The furnace’s flame sensor is located near the burner assembly, and it serves to confirm that there’s a fire present when the fuel valve is open. If a unit emits gas when there’s no source of ignition, a hazardous buildup can result. When the furnace starts and its burners ignite, the sensor only has a short time in which to detect a flame; if none is found, the unit shuts down. Attempting to start a furnace with a broken flame sensor can cause premature wear on other components and reduce the system’s efficiency.

How Cat Owners Can Enjoy Clean, Fresh Air

When a litter box is placed near a furnace, some of its dust and odor is pulled into the unit and circulated through the home’s ductwork. Besides causing the furnace to become dirty, the fouled air is moved throughout the home. With a high-efficiency HVAC unit, cat owners and their furry friends can enjoy warm, clean air.

Corrosion Caused by the Litter Box

Corroded ductwork is another unfortunate side effect of putting the litter box too close to the heating unit. Even if the cat keeps himself clean, corrosion can gradually occur. In some instances, the homeowner must replace the casing on the furnace before duct leakage results. Leaks can cause up to a 30% energy loss, which can mean higher utility bills during the heating season.

Solutions to the Problem

The easiest way to solve these problems is to move the litter box and other corrosive materials away from the furnace. If a cat litter box must be kept in the area, put it as far from the furnace as possible. Having a tune-up by qualified Heating Contractors in Binghamton NY is an important part of yearly maintenance, and it can help to reduce indoor pollutants while increasing the system’s efficiency. Visit the website for more information or to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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