A Gas Furnace In Bishopville MD Will Keep A Home Warm For A Long Time With Proper Repair And Maintenance

A gas furnace can keep a home incredibly warm throughout the winter months when it’s properly maintained. A yearly inspection should be performed for signs of wear. Early detection of a problem can eliminate a breakdown during some of the coldest months of the season. When a Gas Furnace in Bishopville MD is connected to a central air conditioning system, the operation of the unit can cause loose connections and wear of the belts and blower motor. Failure of a unit can be from a variety of things occurring, such as a faulty thermostat, loose electrical connection or dirt in the unit.

A gas furnace should only be repaired or maintained by a trained technician. Dangerous carbon monoxide or a gas leak from the furnace can create a serious health risk or a dangerous situation for the occupants of a home. Maintenance on a Gas Furnace in Bishopville MD will include:

     *     A visual inspection. Any signs of soot around the furnace will be a concern. The burner should have a steady blue flame when the unit is in operation. If it’s yellow, orange, or flickering, it will need to be adjusted. Any questionable sounds or vibrations will need to be investigated.

     *     The thermostat will be checked for accurate calibration.

     *     The technician will clean and dust the inside of the unit with a vacuum. The fan blades will be cleaned with a damp cloth.

     *     The fan belt will be inspected for cracks and fraying. The tension on the belt will be checked. If it deflates more than allowable, it will need to be tightened or replaced.

     *     The heat exchanger should be inspected with a special camera with an extension tube. The head of the tube will be inserted into the heat exchanger to see if there are any signs of cracking. If the heat exchanger is cracked, the entire unit will need to be replaced.

An owner can help extend the life of their unit by changing the furnace filter regularly and keeping things from blocking the airflow. Don’t wait any longer to have your furnace inspected. Visit website for more information.

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