Signs That You Need AC Repair in Jacksonville

by | Jan 11, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Most people tend to take their air conditioning for granted. When it gets hot inside your home, you fully expect your AC to work and cool you down. However, a day is going to come where that is not going to be the case. You can get ahead of the problem and seek out AC repair in Jacksonville as soon as possible by taking note of the following warning signs.

High Electric Bills

For the most part, you electric bill should be about the same every month. If you notice your bill skyrocket one month, then you need to take that seriously. Unless there is a notable reason for why your bill increased substantially, you need to examine your HVAC system to see if it is falling apart. An old or broken AC will use more energy to produce the same amount of air, and simple repairs can remedy the situation.

No Cold Air

You may try to turn on your AC but notice that your house is not getting any cooler. Some air may still be coming out, but it is not at a temperature you want. This could mean a couple things. The compressor may have broken down. There is also the possibility that the Freon levels are too low. Either way, an expert needs to be called to perform AC repair in Jacksonville.

Odd Noises

Your AC should produce cool air without making a scene. Old, worn out ACs may start making grinding sounds. Most of the time, these noises are coming from loose parts that are moving around inside the system. Reinstalling them or getting a new one put in will make your AC run quietly once again.

Strange Smells

Since your AC sends air throughout your entire home, mold or mildew developing within it can quickly make your entire house smell awful. Mold also presents severe health issues, so if you are concerned that your system has mold, then you need to get it fixed immediately. The reason why mildew or mold might build up is that the water drainage system gets blocked. Lubricant may just need to be applied.

The longer you wait to get AC repair in Jacksonville, the more your system is going to break down. You are also likely going to have to pay more in repairs if you wait than if you had just taken care of it right away. Find a professional in your area who can make your home filled with cool air, so you can be comfy.