Indoor Air Quality: How the Right Air Conditioning in Bradenton, FL Makes a Difference

While the primary function of any kind of Air conditioning in Bradenton FL is to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, the right type of system will do more. An area that sometimes gets overlooked is what the system does in the way of improving the indoor air quality. Here are some of the ways that the perfect system will make a difference.

Ducts, Returns, and Other Features

An efficient system for air conditioning in Bradenton FL involves more than the unit that is positioned somewhere along the exterior of the home. The network that moves the forced air to each room of the home plays a key role in maintaining air quality. Ideally, the duct system should be designed so the number and size of air returns allows for an efficient flow of the air. Even little things like the how the duct sections fit together and what equipment is in place to lower the presence of condensation on those especially humid days must be considered with care.

How About Those Filters?

Most manufacturers provide instruction manuals with information about system filters. Keep in mind that the information is based on the minimum standards required to ensure the unit functions efficiently. The recommendations for filter types do no necessarily reflect every aspect of the home situation.

A number of factors affect air quality and the ability of the system to remove contaminants. If there are pets in the house, the recommended filter may not be the best solution. The same is true if some family members smoke. The best approach is to talk with a professional who can make suggestions for filters based on both the make and model of the system, and the lifestyle of the client.

The Results

In the best case scenario, no one has red eyes or coughs because of pet dander or an accumulation of contaminants in the ducts. The filters capture much of what floats freely in the home and prevents it from being released again. The result is air that is free of odors, healthier, and does not lead to respiratory or other forms of physical distress.

Make a call today and learn more about Conditioned Air and what the team can do to improve air quality in the home. The process will be easier and more affordable than most homeowners think.

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