The Economical Value and Environmentally Friendly Properties of Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne IN

Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN are multifunctional temperature managing appliances. Energy is used sparingly to heat and cool a building throughout the seasons. One of the best qualities of a heat pump is that is doesn’t use fossil fuel energy and only moves heat energy from one place to another. Heat is sent into the home when it’s cold, and extracted from indoor air when it’s warm. The naturally occurring thermal energy in the air or from subterranean levels of the earth’s soil are used for heat pumps to convey to the inside of a home. Heat pumps can be used as a primary or auxiliary source for heating and cooling, depending on the climate in the area.

There’s a nice selection of models for Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN. All have a variety of benefits. Associates for the services of Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning make sure customers are fully informed of their options. Air-to-air electric pumps are one of the most popular models. A single unit contains a compressor and heat exchangers. It’s fitted to duct work to treat air in the entire building. These versions of heat pumps can also come with water heating capabilities. Geothermal, or water-to-air heat pumps use heat from a natural body of water, or underground. Geothermal heat pumps are compatible with forced air systems, or radiant heating and cooling.

Customers have access to any information they need about a particular heat pump. The efficiency rating of a product is a determining factor in the heat pump of choice for many customers. The SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, is a calculation of the energy it uses to heat or cool the home during an entire season of use. It’s usually calculated by dividing the heating or cooling output for a single season of use by the amount of energy it takes to do so. There are small differences in the SEER performance rating across system types, but they all use much less energy than conventional indoor temperature handling methods. Aside from indoor air comfort, clean air is important to many families too. Families can purify their air with air quality equipment that filters out impurities to keep the lungs and body healthier.

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