A Commercial Heating Contractor Can Help Customers Keep Their Warranty Coverage

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Heating Installation, Repair & Service

HVAC systems from reliable installers come with good warranties that protect the customer when problems arise. However, certain mistakes on the customer’s part can void the warranty and leave them responsible for the cost of repairs. Below are a few mistakes for commercial customers to avoid.

Forgetting to Register the Warranty

When a Commercial Heating Contractor installs a system, the customer should immediately fill and submit the registration either by mail or online. Failing to do so can void the warranty or delay maintenance and repairs to the system. In some cases, the contractor can work with the customer to file warranty paperwork.

Not Using Manufacturer-Approved Parts

Components supplied by system manufacturers have undergone rigorous testing for reliability and compatibility. Third-party, aftermarket parts often work well, but because the maker cannot be sure that they didn’t cause the issue, using such parts may void warranty coverage.

Poor Installation

HVAC installation isn’t a job for the do-it-yourselfer. Customers should hire a NATE-certified Commercial Heating Contractor for maintenance and installation. These contractors are well-trained and their work is guaranteed in the event that something goes wrong. By choosing a certified contractor, a customer can protect their investment and ensure that they always get top-quality service.

Not Getting Annual Service

Commercial customers should hire qualified contractors to service their systems twice per year, at the start of the heating and cooling seasons. Regular service is a good way to prolong the system’s lifespan and increase its efficiency. Additionally, it can keep the warranty valid when repairs or replacement are necessary. Visit here for more details.

Not Offering Maintenance Documentation

It may seem tedious, but customers should retain every document concerning the servicing of commercial HVAC equipment, no matter how minor. For instance, if warranty service is needed, the equipment manufacturer may require proof of regular maintenance.

Warranty coverage is a great way to ensure that a system can be serviced when necessary, but there are ways to lose this important coverage. However, by avoiding these mistakes, customers can ensure they’re covered when it’s needed. For advice on keeping warranty coverage, or for questions related to indoor comfort, call the pros at Inter County Mechanical Corp today.