Why is it so Important to Change the Air Filter of an HVAC in Bethany Beach DE System?

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most HVAC in Bethany Beach DE systems include air filters that have to be changed periodically. While this needs to be a standard practice, there are quite a few homeowners who forget or neglect this part of HVAC maintenance. Learning more about the role the air filter plays can help a homeowner see why replacing it is so important.

Why is Changing the Air Filter so Important?

Air filters are responsible for trapping debris and objects prior to them entering the system. Dusty air filters can reduce the overall airflow of the system and increase the amount of energy used from five percent to 15 percent. This means that the system is having to work harder to achieve the same cooling and heating level. Also, dusty filters can lead to dirty coils, which will affect the overall performance of the system. When the filter remains dirty, it can lead to illness, allergies, and other respiratory issues due to the circulation of unhealthy air.

How Often should the Air Filter be Changed?

To keep the HVAC system working at superior levels of efficiency, and to keep the home environment healthy and clean, the air filter should be changed every three to four months. This type of simple maintenance will help avoid the need for HVAC system repair or replacement. There are some systems that require the filter to be changed as frequently as every month and this may be something a homeowner should do if anyone has health related issues or if there are pets in the home.

Selecting the Right Type of Filter

There are quite a few options of air filters to choose from and speaking with a professional about finding the right filter for an HVAC in Bethany Beach DE system can be beneficial. The basic options available to choose from include:

• Electrostatic air filters
• Fiberglass panel filters
• Media air filters
• Pleated air filters
• HEPA air filters
• Activated carbon air filters

Taking the time to find the right filter will pay off and help ensure a home has clean and healthy air. More help and information is available by visiting the company website. Taking the time to choose the right type and change the air filter of an HVAC system regularly will help keep it efficient.

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