Choosing the Right Units for a New Air Conditioning Installation in Toledo, OH

by | May 23, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

The lackluster performance this past summer convinced the homeowner that the old air conditioner needs to be replaced. While that task was set to one side during the winter months, a few hot days this spring has brought it back front and center. Before summer gets here, plans must be locked in for a new air conditioning installation in Toledo OH. Here are some tips that will help the homeowner focus on the right type of unit.

Taking a Second Look at the Square Footage

Since the old system was already in place when the homeowner purchased the property, there is no guarantee that the unit was the right size for the place then or now. Instead of making assumptions, it pays to take a fresh look at the total amount of square footage that the new system will need to cool. A contractor who has plenty of experience with every type of Air Conditioning Installation in Toledo OH can help with the process, and point the client in the direction of units with enough power to do the job properly.

Considering the Energy Ratings

As the contractor will point out, all units sold today have to meet minimum standards. Along with those standards, each unit comes with an energy rating. That rating indicates how well the system utilizes energy in order to control heat and humidity in the home. Systems with superior ratings will cost more than the rest, but the fact that the units require less energy to do the job means saving a lot of money on utility costs. The homeowner would do well to spend more up front and enjoy the savings on the back end.

There is no such thing as an air conditioning system that is right for every setting. Contact us today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. After making an inspection of the house and listening to what the client wants in terms of performance and features, it will be easy to come up with the best solution. Once the pricing is locked in and the client is happy with the range of features that come with the system, it will be easy to manage the installation and ensure that the home is comfortable no matter what type of weather the summer brings.