Simple Tips to Enhance HVAC in San Marcos with Routine Filter Changes

Indoor air quality highly depends upon the functionality of the system used to remove air toxins, allergens, and other unwanted substances. These substances can cause problems for household occupants, especially ones with compromised health. To enhance HVAC in San Marcos in a residence, it’s necessary to perform routine filter changes. These tips can assist with this regular task.

Start this process by locating the filter compartment. This section is typically located at the front of the return air duct. However, it can also be located around the furnace or another area that will maximize filtration. Remove any fasteners holding the access plate in place. Put the fasteners and the compartment cover to the side so they can be replaced later. Carefully remove the filter and place it in a bag. Take the bag outside.

At this point, a homeowner will do one of two actions. The action taken will relate to the type of filter in the system. A filter can be disposable or reusable. For a disposable filter, it’s necessary to use measurements from the old filter to buy a replacement. When these dimensions are not clearly seen, use a tape measure to get the height, width, and depth of the old filter. It’s a good idea to get a filter with a rating of MERV 7-12 to remove airborne contaminants and dust particulates. Purchase the right-size filter. Insert the new filter using arrows on it as a guide. Next, replace the compartment cover and fasteners.

For a reusable filter, use the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction off the contents from the filter’s surface. Be careful to not damage the filter by pressing down too hard. Next, gently wash the filter with a cleaning solution of one-gallon water mixed with a few drops of dish soap. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. Allow to dry before installing the filter back into its former position. Put the access panel and fasteners back into place.

By performing a filter change about once every two to three months, a homeowner can reduce allergens, dust, and debris in the air household occupants breathe. It can also help the system run more efficiently by using less energy. For more information on improving the quality of HVAC in San Marcos in a home, please talk to an expert at Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. or visit domain URL to contact a specialist through the company website.

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