Keep Those Comfort Appliances Operating Properly Using Air Conditioner Maintenance in Winter Haven FL

The AC is one of the most significant advances in comfort technology ever created. After all, this appliance allows people to enjoy their homes without worrying about the outdoor temperature. However, none of this would work for very long without the effects of routine Air Conditioner Maintenance in Winter Haven FL. That is, the appliance should be serviced on an annual basis to address problems such as low refrigerant levels and dirty coils. Otherwise, the unit might not be able to collect any heat from the home and may fail to release it if the condensing coil is blocked.

Most manufacturers recommend that Air Conditioner Maintenance in Winter Haven FL be performed as early as possible. For example, the recommended time to consider servicing the air conditioner is the end of winter or early spring. This is one reason that so many AC contractors have specials at this time of year. One reason for cleaning at this time is the unit is not being used as much, and this improves the cleaning effort because less dirt is being circulated through the system.

Most people believe that the filter system in the air conditioner collects all the dirt that attacks the unit. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, most filters only block a small percentage and that percentage drops as the filter ages. If left alone, many filters will collapse just enough that air will come in around the edges. The end result is a lot of dirt contaminating the treated air.

Of course, all this dirt must affect other systems and the worst of these is the evaporator coil. This coil is found inside the air exchanger, so it is closer to the ducts. A side effect of the cooling process is the condensation that forms on the coil. Once created, this moisture then mixes with any dirt and blocks off the airflow in that particular area. Eventually, the whole coil could get blocked. The solution is to have the AC technician remove the coil and wash it in an acid bath. A process that restores the exterior of the coil to like new conditions and improves the performance of the appliance.

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