The benefits of patio gas heaters

Patio gas heaters are tall radiant heaters that are uniquely designed to heat open spaces. These heaters are extremely popular, they are often found in use in restaurants and bars that offer outdoor seating areas; they are equally popular for use at home. Regardless of where they are used the reason is the same; they allow any outdoor area to be used when the temperature drops to a point where sitting outdoors without heat would be very uncomfortable.

The amount of heat that these units put out varies depending on the weather, the design of the unit and where it is located in relation to people. Typically the heat output is such that it can raise the temperature between 10 and 25 degrees in an area of up to 200 square feet or more.

With this increase in ambient temperature it is easy to enjoy outdoor dining on those evenings when the temperature is less than inviting. Patio gas heaters also are ideal as they allow the restaurant to keep its outdoor dining area open for a few extra weeks in the fall and open the outdoor area again a few weeks earlier when spring rolls around. Outdoor patio heaters won’t be of any help in the dead of winter but they will take the edge of a nippy evening.

The most common fuel for patio heaters is propane; those that are permanently installed are usually connected to a single source of gas while portable units are used in conjunction with propane gas cylinders. The gas burner on the best units is high intensity ceramic; a ceramic burner can achieve higher temperatures than conventional metal burners for the same energy output.

Safety is of paramount importance whether the patio gas heaters are used at home or in a commercial setting. The burner must be covered to eliminate the possibility of coming into contact with the flame as well as filter the wind. It is also important that should the flame be extinguished the gas supply to the burner must be cut off immediately.

When you set out to purchase gas heaters for your patio the location must be taken into consideration. If the heater is to be permanently installed the furniture will most likely be placed in the proximity of the heater, if the unit is portable it can easily be relocated to any area depending on the situation. Whatever approach you take, you can be assured that you have seen the end of being driven indoors simply because it is a little too chilly outside.

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